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Janet Rogers, M&A Intermediary and Advisor, Licensed Real Estate Associate

Janet is the first person you’ll hear from when you ask about selling your school or college or school acquisitions. She will also answer your questions about licensing, accreditation, and school development assistance.

Erin Gleason, M&A Intermediary and Advisor, Licensed Real Estate Associate

Erin successfully owned accredited Title IV cosmetology and massage schools before joining us. She is our Beauty and Wellness expert! Now Erin works with Cosmetology school owners who seek to improve value or want to sell their schools or acquire new locations. Erin provides easy-to-implement strategies to increase enrollment and operations.

Krimilda Duffy, Senior Administrative Assistant

Krimilda handles back office insuring that operations run smoothly. She also coordinates staffing requests and works with Spanish-speaking clients.

Judy Tee, Bookkeeping

Judy provides vital office support skills focusing on bookkeeping and client records.