Interested in Buying a Career School or College?

Susan F. Schulz & Associates

Susan F Schulz & associates
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The Buyer Advisory Program (BAP) Advantage


More Buyers than Sellers

There is increased interest in the career school sector. Buyers now outnumber sellers. Serious buyers must therefore stand out by being clear about their acquisition goals and using our unique “Directed Search” process.

The Directed Search vs. “if you happen to know of a career school for sale”

Asking Brokers if they "happen to know" about a career school or college for sale is a vague "specification." It yields no results.

What We Do to Produce Results  

• Conduct a Directed Search based on your specific criteria. Typically these schools are not listed for sale and owners are receptive to selling when approached.

• Evaluate the fair-market value of the potential acquisition and assemble data so you can make an informed decision.

• Facilitate the transaction by assisting in negotiation, due diligence, and closing.

Assistance to New Career School and College Owners

Many buyers are new to the career school sector. We provide assistance with the change of ownership processes, third-party and placement audits, hiring turn-around experts, compliance, marketing, or other school consulting services.

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