School Valuation Services Available

Susan F. Schulz & Associates

Susan F Schulz & associates
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Planning to Retire?
Parting Ways From Your Partner?
Considering Employee Stock Options? Seeking a Loan or Need an Appraisal for Legal Matters?

We offer a variety of valuation services.

Valuation Estimate 
This is a ballpark valuation of your school in the current market place. It is ideal for school owners thinking about selling. It is useful as preliminary data in separation situations or for  investors buying schools on their own who want a second opinion.

Broker Opinion of Value
A comprehensive review of your financials, forecast of school growth opportunities, plus five specific strategies to increase the value of your school.

Certified Appraisal 
This is used to seek loans or when you need a formal appraisal for litigation or other legal matters.

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